February 1, 2015

Going without TV Week 3: Afterthoughts

So apparently there is a sporting event to happen today. I don't do sports. I like when Texas sports are winning but I don't actually watch them... but I do watch the SuperBowl, its a culture thing I guess, a ridiculous one but it happens and I watch it so that I'm not left out of all the water cooler talk at my work. It's a one-woman design shop. I'm that one woman (see what i did there? #jokethings). Yesterday marked the 3 weeks without TV, so today I will break the fast with a SuperBowl. I'm 99% certain it won't be worth it. Oh well.

What happened you ask? Week 1 and Week 2 of my TV fast.

This past week was busy, Busy enough to throw my kids in bed, check my email then go to bed myself, most nights. That helps when you aren't suppose to watch TV.... But if I'm being honest the YouTube and Facebook on our phone have been running a bit much. Like my phone is dead a lot.

So what's my post-mortem assessment of 3 weeks of no TV:
I enjoyed my kids a bunch: A bunch a bunch, like loosing-a-little-bit-of-patience-sometimes enjoyed my kids a bunch. But not as much as I think I would have had the TV been on in the background or if they were on some mind-numbing TV binge. As I believe it is with most parents I'm working on my patience. I have loved observing them play and explore and learn with and without me. Watching them from a distance has really just become my entertainment.

All of these are great quotes.
Things around the house: We got stuff done around the house, especially Ross, he's trimmed the trees and has become a little addicted, we may have to use the neighbor's allotted limb-trash space, (whatever they moved). We are planning an epic garage sale, we are preparing for my sister to steal take back her guest bed and dining table. We are thinking about have a designated space for kids coloring or learning, we got the garden started, we have a much longer list, but it's nice to start getting all of it started.

I miss TV at nights when I have to work: I always thought I was super productive at nights when I sat down and watched TV while designing a blog or website. Its was nice to have on in the background. But on the flip side I CANNOT watch TV and read/write at the same time. So I've been getting a lot of writing done lately. I'm more confident that I can find a good balance.

I also miss TV during dinner prep time: Cause of patience and kids underfoot.

Music & Reading: I bought a few gospel songs and have made sure that it is always on in the background, I have really loved this. I have finished 2 books and almost finished a 3rd.

From here on out: 
So we will be getting rid of 50% of our TV. And by 50% I mean we aren't cutting TV time I mean we are removing 1 of the TVs permanently and will be only using the one in the big room. We'll see if it stays there. Hopefully that will cut down on our reliability to parent with th idiot box. Also I want to be a bit more selective with my TV and especially the kid's TV.

We will get right on this after this whole Seahawks and Patriots thing... mom told me yesterday who was playing.