March 18, 2010

365 for 2010

so i am one of those people who are taking a picture everyday of the year and blogging it on Flickr, hopefully at the end of the year i'll have 365. Here's a link to my photos on Flickr.
Some are artistic, some not so much!!! Here's a picture of a scarf i crocheted for mom on day 03/04/10. 

The scarf was made from 100% wool that was hand sheared and hand spun till it was yarn. Each ball was $15, it took 4 balls of yarn. The scarf was blue and white when it was finished and went from ankle around neck and back to ankle. It was huge. More pictures soon.

Hopefully i can start blogging again. I've been so busy lately. IT was Christmas and then super busy work time, then we bought a house, I'll be fixing the house up this spring and summer so expected a lot of before and afters

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