April 19, 2010

i've been crocheting

I've been crocheting like crazy. After i finished my mom's mini blanket for Christmas, I took a 2 month break, then i picked it back up in late February to just use up some scrap yarn on some simple granny squares, my intention was to make a blanket like in this picture, 
but the white yarn i bought was way way to white, so i'm just making super colorful squares with *shock* no border, I'll have to piece them together very carefully and i'm haivng to set aside yarn to piece them all together. But right now i'm just making colorful granny squares and turning them into 9 piece bigger squares. Here's some of them, my current goal is 324 squares and i'm somewhere around 70.
oh and here's my mothers finished scarf. its superlong and supersoft. :) i just used a simple double crochet and went back and forth 8 times. split down the center with the color, because Homestead heritage (where i got the yarn) didn't have and more cream in that weight, bummer. :)

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