January 10, 2011

The 2010 afghan

Most of my new year's resolutions start with a pretty naive sense of time, this year's resolutions are no different. One of my resolutions (there's always more than one) is to make 12 afghans in 12 months. Hopefully if i have everything planned out right i can do this. I have started 2 afghans 1 for JAN (started it last year) and one for FEB (started at Christmas). We shall see. But this post is about the 1 afghan i made in 2010. That's right it took me all year long. Its granny squares, lots of them. I Started this afghan right after christmas of 2009. I worked on it off & on in 2010 and right before thanksgiving, i finished it.

Also i bought 2 pink-fuschia plants at home depot the other day. Its called a Hawaiian ti, or a red sister, hope i don't kill it. :)

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