January 25, 2011

garden - week 2

So the little seedlings have already been in the soil 7 days, and they are growing up so fast, it feels like just last week that i planted them. Some of these little seeds are a bit "slower" than the average plant, i still have faith. I hope they grow up to be salads and lawyers, i mean stirfrys (Sorry i couldn't help myself). I was informed this week that some of the seeds i planted don't like to be transplanted (aka corn) so i may put some seeds in the ground outside. And i really should get the potatoes in the ground they are kinda looking a little sad. I planted the onions in the front flower bed and got some squash and cucumbers started inside with the rest of the veggies. Me and the husband also laid out with some string where we want to put all these plants when they grow up.
Dad came over this past weekend and really set me up for garden success, he got me some potting soil, and a fluorescent light for my little seedlings. thanks dad, now i really do have to succeed. Pressure is on.

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