April 8, 2011

i want ... a chicken foot stool

i saw these in Austin last weekend and now i want one. Its a footstool in the shape of a chicken. What! I don't know how much they cost but i did find them online here. The city girl farm or her blog. I more specifically would like the barred rock (b&w) chicken that holds her head up, and my feet. :)


Sally Jane said...

Hi Crystal! I just stumbled across your post. Thanks for wanting a chicken footstool! Just FYI: a Chicken Little Fifi is be $550 and a Big Fifi is $750. Both hold your feet up and would be super fun for your little one to ride. Congratulations to you! :)

Sally Jane said...

Hello Crystal! Thanks for this post - I just stumbled across it. A Chicken LIttle Fifi is $550 and a big Fifi is $750. Both are good for holding up your feet and would be fun for your little one to ride! :) Congratulations to you.