April 17, 2011


Ok so here's a little background. I have a fig tree, a 15 - 20 ft giant fig tree, that grows giant figs. It came with the house, and i learned very quickly when i went to pick some that my fig tree was supporting the entire ecosystem of the neighborhood. Of the hundred of figs that came off of the tree, only about 20 were edible because apparently my fig tree had become the mecca of squirrels and birds far and wide. 
So this year i am fighting back. I have several prototype fig-protecting contraptions. Netting won't work very well because the tree is 20ft tall and i don't have any netting. But my last line of defense is a Squirrel chasing terrier mix named Twink. 
1st off this is what a fig looks like.
They are bright pink inside (last years figs, they weren't quite ready to pick).
Prototype A1: Holds onions at the supermarket
Prototype B1: Holds potatoes at the supermarket
Prototype C1: Chicken fencing that i bent into a fig cage and tied on with string
Prototype D1: different chicken fencing i just wrapped around 1 fig
Prototype E1: Sandwich baggie
Prototype F1: bottomless milk jug
and last but not least Prototype G1: a little bit of new panty hose
and here's a wide shot
Does anybody else have any more ideas. Preferably with house-hold items. :)

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