April 4, 2012

week 18

Dear Baby girl,
This week was fun, it was a normal week when it comes to our schedule, but you are growing so fast. Today you had your 4 month checkup and shots. Maggie, you are 24inches tall and 14lbs 6oz. And you are finally back to sleeping through the night. Yea! Mommy really appreciates that. Thanks.

You have entered a new stage the I-can-see-the-toy,-i-can-reach-for-the-toy,-IF-i-get-it-in-my-hand-i'm-putting-it-in-my-mouth-and-possibly-banging-it-around stage. So that's been fun. You're pulling on my hair, trying to reach for my glasses, and just yesterday i saw you really start to play with your toes. But mostly you are still completely content to just chew on yourself.

Formula, Mommy was not happy about this, but you are such a big eater that I can't keep up, so every once in a while we are starting to supplement with a little formula. You are not a huge formula fan, you still prefer fresh milk by nursing. When you nurse you are so funny, you just look up at me with your big blue eyes, nipple in mouth, and you smile a huge big smile. I laugh so hard, which only makes you smile more. (i hope you get my sense of humor, cause i'm a riot, according to myself)

Twinkie, our dog, is also funny to you, you've finally started acknowledging that she exists. And you laugh at Reba too, Aunt Jessi's dog. This last weekend we went to Grammy and Papa's farm and i put you out in your Bumbo chair in the middle of the lawn, where the dogs would come by every once in awhile and lick on ya. You never complained.

I love the Bumbo chair, I set you in it on top of the counter while i cook and clean, or while we have dinner. We have a dance party, I dance you smile and watch. Only a matter of time before you join in. I hope.

Also everybody, strangers and family thinks you have red hair. What!! This is something i don't see. Me and your daddy don't have red flippin' hair but we also don't have blue eyes. Everybody thinks you look like your daddy and when they point it out he is so so proud of you, he holds his head a little higher. BUT RED HAIR.... ok i hadn't noticed why everybody is seeing red, until this morning. When i was doing my hair in the sunlight, i guess guess my hair has a tinge of red/auburn in it, not flaming orange, but a subtle dark auburn. Your daddy also has a cooper-colored reddish beard. So now i shall embrace the red.

Last thing i wanna tell you. Yesterday you had your first tornado warning. Mommy was at work watching the storm surround our home. But you and daddy were ok.

Love you baby girl.

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