June 7, 2012

week 27

Dear Baby Girl,
I have been so so busy lately, its been hard to write these letters. The time is going by too fast.
Couple things, I'm working again at a new agency, lets call it BLM. I really like it there and as soon as things slow down a bit, I hope to work from home. I'm uber excited about that.

YOU ARE A SITTER, it happens so gradually its hard to pin down an exact moment that you decided that your tushy was flat enough to balance yourself for long periods of time without toppling over. But you got it. You can't push yourself into that position but that is still a few months away. Next is crawling, you already scoot around & roll really well, and even kinda launch yourself forward on your knees, its only a matter of time before you can bring your tummy off the ground. Yesterday you got some carpet burns so me and daddy are starting to throw down a quilt for you to play on.

Last week exactly on your week 26 (also your 6 months) you went to the doctor to get your half-a-year check up. You were 17lbs 2 oz. Your getting big, but you are also slowing down your weight gaining cause your moving more.

You love eating solid foods. Its too cute watching you lean forward with your mouth open waiting for someone to put something in it. I'm trying to keep you on a healthy diet for as long as possible. no sugar and no salt for you. You can also kinda drink out of a big glass, even tho i am holding it you feel the need to grab mommy's glass with both hand and take a sip (slobber everywhere). You love your carrot juice. Your also starting to slow down on nursing, we nurse only twice a day now, its gonna be really hard for me to give that up, I love having that closeness that we share.

You also got to paint the other day. I pulled out the blue paint and me and you made a belated mother's day card to grammy. "little hand prints" You didn't know what to do, you just sat there with your fist clenched so tight. I was able to get a couple 6-month old hand prints.

You are almost a full-blown laugher. You got the big smile and the giggle and you are really just now starting the laughing. My favorite time to see you is in the morning. You wake up happy, giggly and playful. I've been a little late to work almost every day for the past 2 weeks cause I just wanna play and love on morning-Maggie.

I love you baby girl, I can truly say that I am deeply happy and blessed to have you in my life every day.

extra big instagram collage for the last 2 weeks

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Dsey said...

so cute!!......I love your weekly pictures!......