July 17, 2012

week 32

Updating my letters to you and my blog weekly has been a bit of a challenge, it wouldn't be so bad but I'm also using these updates as a kind of baby book and milestone marker.

Let's see. Lately you are becoming a handful... I love it. You never stop moving.
You not only can roll now, but you sit, crawl and pull up on things, just today I caught you standing in your crib, holding onto the sides. You love standing the most, but maybe not as much as you love putting things in your mouth. Just today I caught you eating yet another one of my shoes... Like I said you never stop moving.
You are definitely teething, I don't know how long it takes but you chew on everything, pull at your ears and I can see indents of where teeth should be. It doesn't seem to bother your constantly good mood, not getting fed on time or getting in bed in time does affect that mood though. :)
This week's photo needed some explaining of what I built the set with.

I love you so much little lady. I really didn't realize how selfish of a person i was before you came along, now its all about Maggie. You have made me a better person and a much happier woman. I love watching you grow, I know its only been 32 weeks but this first year baby's learn so much.
much love!!

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