July 25, 2012

week 34

Dear Maggie, I can't explain to you how wonderful it is to be a mother. You won't know until you have your own baby. Its actually kinda weird and neat all at the same time, to feel like. I AM the mother now. I am the one staying up past bedtime to do dishes and laundry. I am the one sneaking into your room at night to make sure you still have covers on (and to just watch you sleep). I am the one getting up in the morning to the sound of you playing in your bed.  Its amazing and wonderful. God has truly blessed me with a beautiful, tolerant mildly mannered, healthy baby. I don't know why you have blue eyes and red-tinted hair but that is just the cherry on top.Today i found a new favorite sound. Its such a great feeling when i can hear your hands slapping the floor as you crawl as fast as you can towards me. Any girl! you can crawl without any obstacles.
Love ya mom

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