May 1, 2013

Quarky Little Maggie

Dear 17-month old Maggie,
You are beautiful, you are curious, and sweet and you have a personality. Currently we are outside, I'm on the computer, your daddy is grilling and you are sitting in the middle of the lawn throwing grass and dirt on the dog and trying to feed her rocks (its making you giggle). You and Twinkie are best buds, she's the perfect size dog for you.
Lately you've become a full-blown toddler here's a few quarks you've picked up:
  • You whine when you don't get what you want, or when you want something and can't reach it.
  • You've been known to try to fake cry to expedit "getting what you want"
  • You now "go limp" when you don't want to go in one direction and I'm holding your hand. (BIG NO NO) this is not going to be tolerated no matter how cute and light you are.
  • You give kisses voluntarily now, you even play this game where you go kiss daddy then go kiss mommy and you go back and forth. You also kiss Papaw and grammy and Aunt Jessi (melts everyone)
  • You love wearing mardi gras beads everywhere we go.
  • You chase the dog around with your play stroller and lightsaber and well anything you can find.
  • You love love love outside to a point that we can't say it casually in a sentence cause you will run fetch one shoe (anybody's shoe) and giggle uncontrollably while standing by the back door. Heaven forbid its not time to go outside.
  • You climb onto chairs.
  • You always have bruised knees.
  • You love squealing at the top of your lungs for giggles.
  • You make kissing sounds when you are bored.
  • You wave bye bye when someone flushes the toilet.
  • You love dressing yourself in dish towels around your neck.
  • You love looking at your reflection (we just moved a mirror into the living room) you are all girl. You pose in the mirror and "talk" to yourself
  • You spy on the neighbors
  • You love baths and water (since I'm so pregnant now, daddy gives you all your baths now)
  • You don't quite talk yet, but you do say syllables that make sense to those closest to you. Not talking does frustrate some people but I spoke to your doctor and apparently because you make good eye contact and are tall for your age you look like you should be talking by now, but really it isn't common for kids your age. You are concentrating really hard on the shapes our mouths make.