January 9, 2014

Week 33

Both my babies are sick this week and I think Willow is teething on top of all the snotty stuff I keep trying to wipe and suck away and all the coughing. Poor baby. So yesterday 2 days after Willow was 33 weeks old and after she passed out from eating I had my husband take this quick photo of my growing baby. Willow has actually lost weight in the last 2 months. At an appointment 6 weeks ago Willow was 17.4 lbs now she is 16.5lbs. The doctor assures me its just cause she is so active and still nursing. Looks like it'll be pasta night for Willow for a while.

I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time during the 4 days around Willow's birth day-of-the-week (Monday) to sit her down with a sign and take a picture. Mondays are bad, really bad, except the one in which I gave birth to my baby. I was far more creative, committed and engaged with Maggie's weekly photos. This is probably due to 3 reasons. 1) I work someplace different and my job and other "work" is much more intense than what it was 18 months ago, so I don't have a lot of time and energy to think these through. 2) There are little toddler hands to "help" with my photo shoots now ... or maybe not as helpful. & 3) Willow is so much more active than Maggie that my ideas of her sitting still with a pile of cute helium balloons are normally dashed when I realize that little miss moves-a-lot is not going to participate the way I had envisioned. Sorry Willow, you are drawing another short 2nd-child straw. But I love you and you will still have a book that will show how you grew (or shrank) your first year, even if i don't dress you up like a ninja and hang you from the ceiling.

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