February 22, 2014

I’m a big quitter….. now for all the lame excuses

I hate quitting, it super duper bums me out. But I broke myself this weekend and time management has never been my thing… I overbooked my sanity. I’ve decided to step back from some of my responsibilities that aren’t 100% necessary. If I can’t make money or spend a ton of time with my kids, than its not necessary.

Right now only 3 things fall into this ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-dat category.

1) Copious amounts of social media time: So I’ve added an app onto my internet called “Stay Focused” the app is an asshole but its working. My phone battery dies a little faster nowadays but overall I think that is the first steps of not being one of THOSE moms. No worries grandma… pictures of the babies will still find themselves to the internet.

2) DumbWhiteHusband.com: I love love writing, I love to write for DumbWhiteHusband, but I just don’t have the time for extra curricular articles to complain about why men are wrong, there is just never enough time. I’ll have to leave all the unprofessional #bitchfest to my twitter account – you’ve been warned. But I’ve been given a pass to guest post if the “itch” arises, I will most definitely take them up on that… maybe my next article could be about how men should never use the word “itch” in an email, cause that just brings up visuals of creams and tubes that we never want to talk about EVER.

I will still write. That’s important.

3) This is by far the hardest thing to give up… but its also the most time-consuming and money consuming hobby I have ever had… even more than my crocheting and knitting hobby. Its hard cause I have people that are keeping me accountable and giving me money to continue these shenanigans….

I’m gonna stop pursuing the goal of 50 5ks in a year. This is really hard to say, I don’t like quitting (I’m far too type A for that shit) but I can’t tell anybody for certain why I started it, the purpose was to get into a habit of exercising throughout the week, not just the weekend – which is basically what it is now. I still have 4 more races that I am registered for (thanks to the January donations) and I totally plan on finishing those and starting a habit of doing one a month with my family. I lowered my fundraising goal on goFUNDme to 500.00, which I’ve almost reached so if I get a few more dollars I’ll sign up for a few more races, I feel like a disappointment, but my life isn’t about you. I need my Saturday mornings back with my babies. I love running and I love running in races, and I love the way my body is slowly adjusting but I also love hiking and exploring with 2 mini mes and we can accomplish all these goals with some morning hikes in the woods or runs around the neighborhood. 30 5ks before I’m 30 is a much more reasonable goal now.

I’m starting a new freelance business at the beginning of March, (I did not get fired) and need to throw all my energy into paying my bills, my family, my house chores, exercising regularly at home, and getting back to a church. Prioritizing is so lame.

I will still run. That’s important.



PS this is hard to post... I'm procrastinating...never mind...Publish.