April 4, 2014

Dear Willow

Dear Willa-Monster, 

You are such a happy baby. I hope you stay that way forever and ever. This good nature is really very unexpected, as I was fully prepared for a screamer. You are still feisty, but a different kind of feisty than I was expecting. We have nicknamed you Smiley Lady Infant and that is quickly turning into Smiley. Your other nickname is Willa Monster when you are having a “moment”. But generally, you are a smiley, easy baby who loves her Mama. When you are unhappy, you just want to be held, walked around the house or fed.

You’re about 10 months old now and really walking (oh yes, WALKING) now and beginning to talk. The walking is very strange to witness in a baby as young as 10 months, and you are kind of starting to run a little (it’s faster than a typical walk) and CLIMB onto things. These are things that never dawned on Maggie to even try at this age. We are really starting to see why there is so much baby proofing- we didn’t need much for Mags. I’ve had to tell all of your sitters that you are faster than them, so they have to be smarter.
You love to drop things off your highchair and watch us pick it up. And of course, once we give it back to you, you just do it again. This is actually very typical of babies your age, and it's the first "game" you have played with us.

Kicking a soccer ball around the house is not a typical game, but you do that too. You love holding on to our fingers, while you run up to a little ball and kick it, so naturally we all think you will be a soccer player or sports enthusiast. You also try to throw the ball if you are sitting near it.

You love pulling hair and chewing on shoes, so we are constantly taking Maggie's hair out of your hands and our shoes out of your mouth. 

You talk... kinda. You really love just crawling after me at full speed saying "ma ma ma ma ma" when you are hungry. You also say “uh-oh” when you play your drop-stuff game. We are still breast feeding and nursing, which I'm super excited about because I only nursed Mags until 9 months (barely). You are distracted very easily, and you look up at me with the biggest eyes. You find comfort in curling up with Mama and feeding in the mornings. You also love motor-boating me and blowing raspberries on my chest when you are hungry.
You love to wrestle with us, and play peek-a-boo. Both make you giggle so much. So much giggling! Best sound ever is hearing you and Maggie giggling together, when you play with each other.

I'm sorry I have not been very good at keeping up with your weekly photos, 2nd child syndrome maybe. I have, on the other hand, been taking photos.

There will always be differences between you and your sister. Sometimes you will get the best part, and sometimes you will draw the shorter straw. Your Aunt Jessi will make sure it isn't too short. I love you both very much.

You stay you.