May 16, 2014


Dear Maggie, you are almost 2 and a half years and I just tucked you into bed and simultaneously that simple act filled my heart with joy and love. You gathered all your animals and babies and dora and princesses up and climbed into bed willingly, you asked for a book and we read "Biscuit goes to the petting zoo". All the babies cows and goats in the book nuzzle and cuddle their mommies, you cupped your tiny hands around the 2D babies in the book and kissed them.

Then I said our normal prayers, and you interrupted with a string of sentences that only the good Lord understood and you kept looking over at me as I agreed with whatever you needed to tell Jesus. And then we said "Aben" and you tried to make the sign of the cross "father, son, spirt" about eight different ways until I helped you. As I kissed you goodnight and told you I loved you and walked away you called me back cause you needed a fist-pump.

Love you Maggie.

Nailed It.

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