January 25, 2015

Dear Maggie

The other day you surprised me. I have always thought of you as a mini Ross. Ross's little girl not just in the way you look but in the way you acted or thought out things, but the other day you picked up a pretzel and bit off the two humps and proudly told me that it looked like the shape of some broccoli. They bit off some more and told me it looked like a 'y' and then bit off some more and told me it looked like a 'p' (you don't know that letter looks like yet, but you were responding with my giggles). At that moment I realized your creativity and your ability to see things a little differently, and wanting to make people laugh.

I saw me in you.

I realized you aren't a mini Ross or a mini Crystal. Both of us were in there along with a whole other little person with a ton of little things to say and talk about. You are a Maggie. (P.S. You still sometimes talk in 3rd person).

You love coloring for hours and creating and building and moving things around constantly. You love dirt and playdoh and you stare insistently at the TV without knowledge of anything else going on around you. You are quick to get angry or irritated at the littlest things with a little tiny "Grrrrr" but are also quick to calm down. You love love people and want to play all day sometimes to the dismay of sleep and other bodily functions. You love being around adults and love cuddles in the morning and taking care of people. This is all mini me, things I see in myself and that you've developed whether it was nature or nurture.

You also say "ok, people" before you say anything to more than one person and you also say "I need something?" right before you go to bed and you are trying to stall or when you walk into a room.... that is also me, but probably a more learned behavior. As I'm raising you kids I've noticed all your good and bad behavior, because y'all mimic it as y'all see it, in a non-funny exaggerated way. But some are still very funny. Like when something unexpected happens, you shake your little 3-year old head and say "Oh dear."

Lately you have been needing to "work" and you set up some laptop-looking toy next me me as I check my email or work on a website. It's humbling to see you mimic my "work" as your play. I'm focusing lately on making sure you don't see me as a workaholic but more of a healthy balance of work and mom things.

You also love animals and puzzles and helping, you love solving a problem and assessing a situation before jumping in headfirst. You love cereal and bananas and eating food behind my back.

You went through a treefrog phase around your birthday, but your 3rd birthday didn't happen cause you and me kept getting sick. I tried twice honey but you never really had a 3rd Birthday. So sorry. The theme was age of exploration.
*this is an unfinished letter from a year ago that I am posting in January 2016


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