January 31, 2015

Dear Willow

Dear Willow,
The other day I was talking to a lady about why I named you "Willow". Most people apparently think of Willow as a peaceful name.... I always disagree. I described my thoughts on the name 'Willow' as an "old-soul sassy" personality. And boy are you. And I even knew that before I met you. You are a mischievous little grandma living in a toddler's body, reeking havoc in my house, all while running around naked, I kinda love that. Your eyes are always saying more than your little voice and oh boy you know a ton of words. Which totally freaks me out most days cause your sister just now found her verbal stride of girlish 3-year old curiosity.

* this is an unfinished letter from Jan 2015 that I am posting Jan. 2016

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