March 21, 2012

week 16

Dear Maggie, This week you have bronchiolitis, a nasty little viral infection that is awfully bad for babies that are your age. I thought it was just a little allergies and everybody thought i was overrating, I'm glad i overreacted and took you to the doctor's on Monday. Apparently you will be susceptible to chest colds and asthma (so no smoking), but you are a fighter, and this little viral infection is actually more scary for me seeing you like this and feeling helpless. Dr. Elliott gave you a panda bear breathing machine to administer the medicine, sometimes you grab the tube and put it over your nose. but i'm sure this is just a automatic reaction. You giggle through your breathing treatments, but you don't like the bulb suction thingy. Even though you are sick and not feeling well I place your head in my hands and your body is limp from exhaustion, you have a big coughing fit or vomiting and still my little Maggie can manage a small little smile. You make me so happy, even tho i want to cry for you. I love you baby girl.

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