March 28, 2012

week 17

Dear Maggie, 
This week you are feeling much better, that nasty bronchiolitis is almost gone. Sorry that i took you to the emergency room last Friday when there wasn't anything really wrong. But your breathing really scared me. But now momma knows how to bulb suction your nose correctly. All your younger brothers and sisters will have a better momma for all your troubles. (Sometimes i call you my little trial-and-error baby)

You are learning so much, so fast, and you are getting a even bigger personality. This week i noticed that you kinda know how to hold your pacifier in with the back of your hand, but you still prefer your thumb (which is becoming chapped from all your sucking). You have a taste preference also, I tried to feed you just rice cereal and water, but that wasn't sweet enough for you so you kept spitting it out at me until i added a little breast milk. You giggle now a little, and that is the best sound in the world, I can't even be mad at you at 2:30 in the morning when all you want to do is giggle, bounce and play. The sickness threw off your sleeping schedule and now you wake up bright eyes and bushy tail at all hours of the night. In addition you are also starting to be able to really hold toys, touching (slapping) my face and consequently grabbing my hair.

I also apparently gave birth to a couch potato, you love love the TV, you stare at it mesmerized by its power. Your daddy and me are using the "your baby can read" video series with you. Even if you don't read, these videos have to be better than daddy showing you Iron Man for the upteenth time. I love you so much baby girl, you make me so happy.

Love Mom

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