April 19, 2012

new business cards

Made some business cards this week. 20 total. I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But this was a all-hands-on-tedious process that made me borderline homicidal by the end. Its ok we are all alive.
All in all i kinda love them, I bet you wish you were one of the 20 people who will get one. :)
But they look cool. Let me know what ya think in the comment section.
I'm also now on facebook, go "like" my page. I only used my name, number, email, and portfolio url. I blurred the phone number in the pictures, I don't need crazy people calling me.

I cut out business cards from thick paper. I have 2 sizes, the normal 3.5"x2" (white) and 3"x2" (from neon index cards). I typed out info on typewriter (this is harder than it looks) KUDOS! to typists prior to 1970ish. I think i typed about 3 words a minute and spoke about 4 curse words a minute. I backed them with fabric i had laying around and sewed them up.
About 2 years ago i made some direct mail promotional pieces, you should check out. I hope to do something similar soon.

Since Instagram came to Android phones I've gone overboard with the vintage square photos, and i don't see me slowing down anytime soon. You'll have to just wait it out. Whatever it makes the photo cooler. I also have similar Photoshop Actions i found.


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