April 18, 2012

week 20

Week 20 wasn't as epic as i had thought. Oh well. The dog is too dark to see that mom and dad shaved '20' into her fur this morning and she was too hyper to get her to sit still. But this giant Mom fail will be forever marked as your week 20. Twinkie will be marked for at least another week (she looks like a race car with the number on the side).
This last week Miss Maggie I've been gun-ho on making sure Crystal Roznik Creative will be a viable income for us. This way I'm not 100% dependent on 1 company. I've been at home for the last 7 days working on that very thing, I've got a lot of ideas and just not enough time in the day. You have been a major distraction. You also tried some solid foods this weekend. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and green beans so far. Me, you, and daddy got to spend 4 whole days together this last weekend, we didn't do much but it was nice just to be together.

Love ya

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