April 11, 2012

week 19

May the force be with you my little woyoda.
Easter week was fun. You got to see you Grammy's side of the family again, and they ate you up.  Mommy's Aunt Marsha came in late and made a beeline straight to you and stripped you down almost naked, she wanted to see your babyfat rolls. :) You didn't complain at all. That's the best thing about you Maggie. You don't spit up, you don't cry unless your hungry or bored. On your 1st Easter you wore a vintage yellow dress with little green bloomers and i freestyle crocheted you an Easter bunny hat that matched. But your great Grandma would have preferred you have worn more "ruffles". I guess they don't know me very well.

Yesterday was onedaywithoutshoes so we didn't wear any shoes. We went to a store last night in Cedar Hill and I bought me and Dad our 1st pair. Your still tiny but to get your 1st pair, but that didn't stop you from getting a sticker, and some attention from other customers.

We also took a lot of pictures this last week. Thanks for kinda participating.

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