May 2, 2012

week 22

Dear Miss Maggie,
I've been home with you for the past 3 weeks, and I still find you fascinating. I love to watch you grow and learn. THIS MORNING you started rolling over. 1st for your dad, he got to see you roll this morning and I got to witness the rolly polly action at lunch. You've really gotten good at picking up toys and reaching for things, especially my hair. Last thursday you got to spend some time with your Aunt Jessi, while I went to a book signing. And this last weekend you got to spend some unsupervised time with your Grammy and Papaw, you were exhausted when you got back, I think they loved it so much, and I got to get a few things done.

You love your toes, I was hoping you'd be a happy baby who played with your toes. AND YOU ARE. you love touching them and grabbing them and kicking (so much kicking). Diaper changing has gotten a little harder with all the moving, but a little easier since you know how to hold your feet in the air. Bless you, you make me so happy.

You and the dog are best buddies now. Y'all love starring at each other and Twinkie loves laying down beside you. I try to keep her from licking you, but its really a losing battle.

This is also the 1st week that you have been eating solid food regularly. This has involved endless laughing and endless bibs. You didn't quite get the concept of: open mouth, put food & spoon in mouth, then swallow; you also overuse your tongue in the process, but you've gotten much better since your first swallow of sweet potatoes. I've been feeding you sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, carrots and carrot juice, applesauce, and now some prune juice (cause well, you need it after all that). I fed you the first strawberry of the season out of our garden, that had to be your favorite, that and carrots. Feeding you is messy, I'm not gonna lie, but I love it.

Keep smiling baby girl
Love Mom

P.S. Somebody (I later found out was a neighbor), left you a present on the front steps, there was no name or who it was from. So weird. It was on the other hand a beautiful dress in your size. Yea, more clothes. Happy!!

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