May 4, 2012

self promotion #2 mini sketchbooks

So one of the most popular posts I've had on my blog is my self promotion (#1) I mailed out about 2 years ago. So I'm mailing out some more this year. In 2010 I mailed out a small book with tiny amounts of my work in it. This time I'm mailing out something a bit different. I made tiny sewn mini sketchbooks (blank inside), I even sewed in a tiny business card. The average size of one of these is 5.5"x4.25".

I've made sewn journals/notebooks in the past for my 12 cousins and for my sister. I love sewing paper (my sewing machine has a different opinion, but the old gal hangs on). Sewing paper is kinda MY art. Also check out my recent physical portfolio, and my recent business cards, all involving recycled sewn paper pieces.
I figured that giving out self promotional mini sketchbooks that the creative people of these Dallas/Ft Worth agencies can USE would be more effective, than giving out printed pieces of my work. We will see! Anyways I'm currently trying to find an ad agency to "love on" a bit (freelance or something more permanent). My portfolio work can be found at CrystalRoznikCreative. In the meantime, I'm currently setting up an etsy shop to have my art and design reach the masses. Wish me luck. Peace.
I need some constructive feed back on these. Friends in this business, creative directors who actually hire people, or from the recipients of the notebooks. How can i improve these? Am I dumb for trying snailmail promotional stuff for an art director? You can leave comments here or you can leave them on my facebook.

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