May 16, 2012

week 24

I really do have intentions to blog more besides blogging about my kid every week. Oh well, at least its some kind of regular blogging. Anybody have a clue how I could make money with this weekly baby styling thing? I'm up for ideas.

Anyways, to my daughter

Miss Maggie, I'm so proud of you, only because you are so flippin' cute. For Mother's Day I dressed you up in a simple yellow shirt and a little knit cap (your grammy bought), your daddy bought you a skirt a little later and an umbrella stroller. We all went to breakfast at Cafe 67, lunch at a greek buffet called Ali Babas, we got Mommy's toes done with your Aunt Jessi and then me you and daddy went to North Park Mall, it was a busy busy day. I got like 15 comments on how beautiful you are. I was so proud.
This week was a whirlwind, your starting to sit up (but not really and not for long), We gardened, there was a tarantula, a furry chewbacca toy, a lot of sleeping pictures, and a lot of apples.

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