May 9, 2012

week 23

Oh Maggie,
Me and your daddy love this week's idea. I'm sure I'll get some horrible comments on how I shouldn't be putting temp tattoos on a 23-week old but oh well! THAT just happened.

This week has been a whirlwind. You are now rolling over with a purpose and eating with motivation. You have also started splashing in the bathtub (sink). 
You also had your first drive-in movie theater experience. We went to see The Avengers. I thought you would sleep through the whole thing. NO SUCH LUCK! You were awake for about have the movie and very squirmy, probably cause of the thunderstorm (that we didn't plan for) and the movie's action moments were kinda loud (we kept having to turn it up and down). All in all it was just that an experience. Oh and we also met an over-sharing schizophrenic.
We also went to a birthday party last Saturday, for your friend Marshall. It was at a gym, you could jump on the trampolines but you did get to play on the mats.
You also got to play with the chickens cause they escaped their cage last Friday, you also grab everything and put in your mouth, like Mom's coffee/beer, and you went back to the nanny's this week cause mom had to work a few days. Grammy loves that you are getting a hang of Skyping, which is the happiest moment of her day (or so I've been told) :)
Lots of love, Mom

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