December 27, 2012

Geez Mom, Use Your Imagination

WELL.... Maggie talks, apparently she's been doing it awhile, and I'm a bad (new) mom for not noticing. In my defense she doesn't enunciate very well. 

This holiday some family members are like "She said baby, mama, button, dadda and bye bye" 
And I'm like.. "No, you're stupid, She doesn't talk yet, just an excessive amount of jibber jabber she's been doing that since she was 8 weeks old"

Upon further examination and a lot of imagination, I think they're right... SHE TALKS! Maybe its cause I'm off from work for 10 days and my main source of conversation is a toddler, but all the "mamamama" and the "babba babba" are starting to make sense to me. BUT... she does need to learn to enunciate (lazy 13 month old).

And... she waves bye bye, and kisses, blows kisses, raises her fist in the air when someone says "Pa-paw Rules" (I have no idea where she could have learned that), she stacks blocks 6 high (cheering must happen after every block), she claps, hugs anything you hand her and so much more. She is learning so much so fast... Its a small 22lb sponge of a child.

We have also entered the Up-Grunt Stage and the scream-&-bang-on-the-bathroom-door-while-mom-is-"missing" stage. 

Can't complain tho.. Maggie is such a GOOD baby. She eats everything in front of her (including but not limited to; veggies, fruit, meat, IHOP eggs, an old cheerio she found in a pile of dirt, probably some of that dirt, Funyuns, and some of the last twinkies on the face of the earth) and she goes to sleep on time without too much fuss. I'm SO Blessed and I thank God everyday for this little miracle.

Had some snow fun yesterday, Maggie's first snowfall was on Christmas. She LOVED it... wanted to touch it, run (kinda) in it, and sit in it (thankfully we have a space heater in her room, warmed her right up).

Twinkies and Funyuns...Worst Mom Ever! She ate lots of veggies the next day.

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