January 3, 2013

A 4-day New Year's Weekend... in Bulletpoints

On Saturday me and Maggie went to Grammy & Papaw's house for a 4-day weekend to bring in 2013. Here's how that weekend went.... in bulletpoints.
  • Maggie arrives on Saturday everybody is happy and excited and optimistic
  • Maggie plays in the greenhouse with the dirt.
  • Maggie makes 10 wobbly laps around the kitchen island
  • 1st Dinner: Grammy serves Pot Roast for dinner while teaching Maggie to use her fork then gives Maggie a bubblebath (very optimistic)
  • Maggie plays a game of 'splash Grammy' and everybody giggles
  • Maggie makes 12 wobbly laps around the kitchen island
  • Maggie sleeps for 12 hours

  • Pancakes and Sausage
  • Mommy becomes spoiled by Grammy's laser thermometer, now must only have hot tea served at 138 degrees F.
  • Maggie hugs stuffed animal... everybody awwes
  • Mommy watches the 1983 movie "War Games" with Ferris Bueller dude. SPOILER: The climax of the movie is a game of TicTacToe.... nuff said
  • Maggie plays with toy cars
  • Maggie plays a game where she just randomly falls backwards and expects SOMEBODY to catch her. At 1st its funny, then Mommy realizes the danger this may bring.
  • Maggie watches Daddy shoot arrows with his big bow
  • Maggie sees cows... doesn't like cows
  • Maggie and Papaw bang on Pots and Pans
  • Maggie hugs babydoll... everybody awwes
  • Maggie plays with tubberware
  • Maggie rips up all the christmas tissue paper.
  • 2nd Dinner: Salad with Ranch and Grammy teaches Maggie how to use her fork... no bath tho
  • Maggie watches the football game...kinda
  • Maggie sleeps for 12 hours

  • Oatmeal and Fruit
  • Maggie plays "cards" with Grammy
  • More Toys
  • Maggie plays with Grammy's knick knacks
  • Maggie makes 9 wobbly laps around the kitchen island
  • Maggie see all wedding photos from Mommy and Daddy's Wedding
  • Maggie gets a camera duct taped to her shirt and makes a video from her point-of-view. (Most of it is going around the kitchen island)
  • Maggie skypes with Aunt Jessi
  • More Toys
  • Maggie plays "Bounce on the bed with Papaw"
  • Maggie makes 14 wobbly laps around the kitchen island
  • Maggie plays "SCREAM at the top of my lungs, then watch Grammy over-exagerate frightened" Maggie giggles, then everybody giggles. 
  • Everybody gets a headache
  • 3rd Dinner: Pizza that Papaw feed Maggie from his lap... no bath
  • Mommy watches "The Dark Knight Rises" and wishes she can have the last 3 hours of 2012 back.... cause it stunk
  • Maggie sleeps for 12 hours

  • Toast, Gravy & Eggs
  • Daddy leaves for work
  • More Toys
  • Maggie plays drums with metal mixing bowls and a wooden spoon on a tile floor.
  • Maggie makes 9 wobbly laps around the kitchen island holding metal mixing bowls
  • Maggie plays hockey puck with metal mixing bowls on tile floor.
  • Last Meal at Grammys: Vienna sausages, Bananas, Peanut Butter crackers and pickels.. that Maggie eats cold with her hands (no fork...no teaching...no bib)
  • More Toys
  • Mommy packs dog and Maggie into the car.
  • Maggie is TIRED... sleeps 1 hr. all the way home. 
  • Grammy and Papaw are EXHAUSTED .... take a very very long nap.
I can't tell you people enough how much I am madly madly in love with this baby, God has truly and undeniably blessed me with the best baby (who sleeps for 12 hours) and equally amazing parents. 

Here's some pictures form this past weekend.... and some others from the whole week.

Laser thermometer for seeing the temp of surfaces out of reach... or coffee temp tester
Picture of Maggie my dad had commissioned from the great Teren Mabry... my cousin!
the metal mixing bowls that need banging into shape
Going home & fully exhausted!