February 6, 2013

Um...so somebody else wanted me to write on their blog...weird huh?

And its all about PIE!!!! So I'm guest blogging over at DumbWhiteHusband.com for my friend Benjamin Wallace. READ THE POST. Then let me know what y'all think.

Dear Husbands, Do NOT ever eat the last slice of pie 

When we all get married there are spoken, written, and unspoken “rules” within the marriage. There’s the whole “in sickness and health” part spoken in front of God and family. Then, there’s the long-shot agreement, “Sure honey, you can have a pass if you get a chance with Anne Hathaway. Go for it. Just act like my brother if Channing Tatum is suddenly looking at me with hungry eyes.”  ... READ MORE.

Disclaimer: I don't think my husband is dumb... unless he ate the last slice of pie... which should be a no-brainer.... but I do think he is white... that or part wookie.