March 11, 2013

Dear Mags and Willow

Dear 15-month old Maggie,
I can't explain to you the amount of love and admiration a mamma has for her baby. You are the cutest sweetest most curious little person I have ever met. And yes I'm probably saying this cause you are MY kid, I know for a fact that other children aren't nearly this interesting. My life revolves around you, all i want to do is cuddle and kiss on you all day... but you are too busy for that nonsense.

Its so much fun watching a half-me and half-your-daddy version of ourselves run around and grow up...and its only been 15 months, I can't even imagine what it'll be like in another 15 months or 4 years or 15 years (I pray everyday that i can remember every minute and to slow down and enjoy it). You'll have to be a grown up so much longer than you are a kid.... enjoy where you are in life Maggie and don't grow up too fast.

I still find it weird to improv pray out loud but I know that being a mommy I have to find a way to verbalize how blessed and thankful I am to God that you are in my life and so that you can understand who He is and what He does on a daily basis in our lives. You are so cute when i say Amen and you press your little hands together. We are both learning.
Maggie, You become more and more quirky everyday. Right now...
• You tippy toe everywhere
• You balance things (your daddy's watch) on the dog's back
• You throw food at the dog and giggle when it gets stuck in her hair
• You chase the dog with a light saber (or other stick device) and giggle uncontrollably ... all this makes me a bad dog owner
• You love watching Elmo and other puppet shows.. i love how still you sit and watch the tv now

• You are sitting still more in general... kinda... when you feel like it... well not really but i can keep your attention a smidgeon longer

• You're becoming a little picky with your food... I blame your grandparents and their love of giving you cookies and sweets when I'm not looking
• You know that warm milk comes from the microwave, so you stand in front of the microwave and giggle and point till it beeps
• You love bouncing on your bed, cause we are slowly moving you onto a mattress onto the floor. You still have to nap in your crib
• You love finding mommy's bellybutton, and I'm pretty sure you think the baby's name will be Bellybutton.... you have no clue why mom is so fat... nor do you care, you're too young to understand.
• You don't talk yet... let me clarify.... you say "mama" and "dada" and a bunch of other syllables put together, in fact, you talk all the time, but I don't understand a word
• You LOVE LOVE outside and getting dirty and exploring

I can't imagine how much bigger my heart can get, but its weird knowing it'll grow as soon as your sister makes her debut. I can't remember the few months I was an only child and I'm sure you won't either... but from now on you and your sister will be "the girls". You'll love having a little sister... I do... most of the time.

Dear Willow,
I'm only 29 weeks pregnant but I've been convinced since my first trimester that this is a very different pregnancy. You kick more than your sister, you move more, I can actually see my tummy move and jumble around, in fact, you are kicking me right now. Your sister never really moved much due to the excess amniotic fluid...but it may also be a personality difference. I have more Braxton Hicks contractions with you, my tummy gets huge and hard about 8 o'clock at night or so. Your hands and feet feel like a ping pong ball has gotten loose inside me and wedged into my ribs and pelvis. Your Grammy got to feel you this last weekend. She never could feel your sister.

I can't wait to meet you... I'm so nervous about your birth, I'm gonna try to VBAC... but I'm sure you have your own plans. I can't wait to breastfeed you and cuddle you and see you and bond with you. I'm excited to have another baby around.

The name Willow is one of debate. Let me explain.
I've liked it since I heard it before I was pregnant with you and I heard it on a tv show called "The Finder", the character was a free spirit, feisty, and beautiful woman. (I'd heard it before but didn't take much notice till then) Your dad likes the name too (that's all that counts). Everybody else is split... some people I meet love the name... others like to make fun of it cause there is a movie named "Willow". Some people don't think it "goes" with Maggie. But honestly I do. Here's why I think your name will be perfect for you...

• Willow and Maggie have the same amount of letters, both are older names, both have double letters
• You are gonna be a 2nd girl in a family who is famous for having feisty 2nd female children.
• I think Willow is a perfect free-spirit feisty name. (and even if you are a peaceful less spunky child than what i am preparing for Willow will work too)
• I love old-fashioned or nature names. Your dad thinks its down-to-earth
• Great nicknames... Will, Willz, Willie, Lo, Lilly, and my grandma gets pronouncing it wrong and saying Willa... That works too.
• And even if the day you are born you don't look like a Willow or we are surprised "you're a boy" we have other names we love too. Like Leela, Tessa, Ronald and Bear.

I'm really glad that I'm gonna be like my mom, I get to have 2 little girls to love on.
Love ya'll! ~ Mom