May 15, 2013

Faux Butterfly Taxidermy for <$10

No animals were harmed in the making of this taxidermy. (not that I would care, I ♥ bacon)

I Love Love butterfly taxidermy and I'm working on a girly curiosity themed bedroom for my 2 little girls. But dead bugs are so expensive ($36), and that's for 1 butterfly. So i set out to make my own faux version. I have another slower (not yet "failed") project I'm working on that is sitting in the beginning stages somewhere in my home, its harder and a much bigger DIY.

I was able to make this for <$10 which is perfect and with coupons and sales at Joanne's you can probably get off cheaper.

1. I bought a $4 black 8x10 frame from Wal-Mart, its cheap, but it does the trick.

2. The butterfly stickers were at Joann's Craft store for $5 in the scrapbooking section (here's the online version), and its on SALE right now. :) The stickers are colorful and semi-realistic with a little 3-Dness for more of the effect.

3. I used canvas paper cropped to 8x10 for my "nice paper". I bought a whole pad so 1/2 sheet cost less than $1.

I tried a few different layouts, but me and the hubs (I let him help on decision making cause nothing would get finish if I was left to my own devices) decided on the more-butterflies-the-better layout. I also debated on leaving the glass in or out of the frame, but because the frame was so cheap I was able to keep the glass and the 3D look. Super simple DIY. (I'm so gonna "pinterest" this and get famous)