January 31, 2011

Ocean's 11

So watched the original 1960 Ocean's 11 this weekend, and I watched the documentary The Ocean's 11 Story about Las Vegas and the Rat Pack. I also watched the 2001 version to remind myself of the differences between the two. (Lots of tv this weekend)
The 1960 Ocean's 11 was really hard to follow, it was also hard to tell the differences between the 11 because they all had the same haircut the same suits. It was also hard to follow because 'the heist' was a lot of just ducking into closets and rooms and super long boring conversations that went nowhere. The newer one was much much better and all the characters were more well developed and understandable. The only simularities were las vegas, a robbery, 11 dudes, and a blackout. There was really nothing else that tied these two movies together. It was on the other hand nice to know more about the famous Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack


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